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A few days ago I stopped in at the shop of my buddy who has an Avid. He just

bought the new Quantum DL7000. It does 35gig uncompressed (70gig compressed)

on a DLT cartridge. They claim 5mb/sec uncompressed. Avid is selling it for

$11,000 and they'll throw in their new bu software for "free." My friend got

the drive for half that out of a Mac catalog and bought the software from

Avid for $695. It's called "Meeco" or something like that. Cool thing is

that it is drag and drop, it keeps all the backup file directories on a

local drive so there is no waiting for it to scan the tape to find them. I

watched him do a restore. The directories to select from came up instantly

and it seemed to scan the tape to verify the presence of the files, etc.,

after he turned it loose to run the restore. That eliminates the waiting as

you set things up. Coolest thing of all is that it backs up and restores in

the background. When video is actually playing from the stripe set, the

backup drive pauses. What an incredible time saver! Surely this is the wave

of the future. Anybody know of any NT product that works like this? Every

backup program I've looked at for NT is sorely lacking in terms of what we

need for video. I want a program that totalizes selected file lengths and

tells me if they will fit on the tape (for backups) or on the available

drive space (for restores). I want backup directories stored on a local hard

drive so I don't have to wait for the tape to wind down to the end for every

directory (like NT backup). I want background operation! I want striped

backup drives for faster than realtime bu and restore! I want a Ferrari in

my garage! Ooops, getting carried away.