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Avid AVRs compared to DigiSuite data rates

Based on our comparisons here, 3.5mb/Sec is closest to AVR-75 on Avid. I say "closest" because it is still clearly cleaner than Avid. Avid has a severe DCT step which removes a great deal of high frequency from the image. You don't see as much artifacting, but the overall picture is much softer (much less detail).

4.5mb/Sec is closer to AVR-77, but yet still cleaner. We do the majority of our work at 7mb/sec even hough we have the capability to do lossless. We just don't see the need to "waste" the extra disk space.

You can assure your clients that DigiSuite is ABSOLUTELY cleaner than Avid. No question. Even Avid has to admit this.

Hope this helps.

TDuncan wrote:

> I admit that I'm just to lazy to do the research myself.

> Can anyone give me the equal match for Digisuite LE's MB/S video quality and

> Avid's AVR. Just want my clients to know that I'm at the same level as AVR 75

> but at the same time I don't necessarily want to go over AVR 75 all the time

> (for hardrive space.)


> 5.04 MB/S = Avid AVR?

> or

> Avid AVR 75 = ? MB/S


> Thanks,

> Scott Clements

> (Pepper Box)