The Making of "Come By Here"
With Wycliffe Bible Translator, Marilyn Laszlo. Shot in Hauna village on the Sepic river during January, 1981. Camera was a borrowed, wind up spring motor Bolex reflex. Shot on 16mm ECO and EF reversal stock. (This was just before 16mm neg came on strong.) The film is still available on VHS from Wycliffe. See the travel journal for more about many of these photos. 

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Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea. 110 miles up the Sepic River from Ambunti - the closest town where provisions such as fuel can be purchased. It is even further from Ambunti to the coast. Hauna is the home of the four clans of the Sepic Iwam people. (This shot was actually made during my second trip in 1996)
With Marilyn Laszlo and the old naked man.
Shooting with the borrowed, spring motor Bolex Reflex 16mm camera.
Back in the days when I lived and died by the light meter.
Shooting in a thatch house. I had two photo-flood lights which we powered using the village generator and several hundred feet of extention cord.
The home of a village chief in the seacoast village of Erima.
Kids all over the world want to look through the camera.
Shooting the big "singsing" scene.
What a face! This shot was also shot on my more recent trip, but I just had to include him here. (still frame from DV video footage)
Papua New Guinea means adventure in transportation! This was a luxury dugout complete with lawn chairs. These big ones could hold about 15 people.
The transport adventure continued. Our Land Cruiser got stuck in this mudslide where we had to leave it. The compound where we were staying was only an eight mile hike around the mountain.
Next morning, the river between us and our airplane had risen to a raging torrent during the night. By noon it went down to where we could wade across. This after handing all the camera gear to village men who got it across hand-to-hand.
With translator Jim Parlier and his helper in the mountain village of Mapasi. Our dinner was tastey, but very dry. The after dinner tea never tasted better.
The village chief in Erima who after hearing the Bible passage about how hard it is for a rich man to get into heaven remarked that he was afraid for white people. How could they ever get into heaven?
On the beach at Erima. Take good care not to get sand in your gear. This is a dangerous but sometimes necessary risk.
Esther went with me on this trip. We had been married 3 mos., were dirt poor, and got to spend time in Hawaii on the way over and on the way back!
A magical sunrise over the Pacific. This is how it got it's name.

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