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Come By Here
Note: we are out of VHS copies of "Come By Here." DVD's are now available.
Price: $20.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds                       see some stills showing the making of "Come By Here"

"Come By Here" is the second film made in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea, near the middle of the process of translating the Sepic Iwam New Testament. A visit to a distant village at the invitation of one of it's residents reveals a new church building. Although no outsider has ever been to their village, the people say they wanted to be ready for someone to come and tell them about God. So, they are waiting, they say, for someone to come by here. This video starts with an insightful and entertaining glimpse into a n exotic culture, and ends with a powerful call to commitment to missions. An Angel Award winner.
(NTSC, 1981, 25:35)

Extras on the "Return to Hauna" DVD:

"Making Of" Slide Show
Hauna Work Team
Stuck in the Stadium
What About Your Kids?
Filmmakers' Commentary Track
"Return to Hauna" Preview