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Guitar from A to Z
with Roger Zimish
Code: GAZ
Price: $20.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

This teaching video has something for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar or to improve their playing. For the cost of one lesson, you can have Roger on your own TV giving you stuff that will keep you picking away at new challenges for months. Many guitar teaching videos are an hour or less. This nearly two hour long epic is a beginner's video and an advanced video in one. For beginners Roger goes over what to look for when shopping for that first guitar. He intros chords and scales and gets the budding guitarist up and playing fast. For more advanced players, he includes lots of tips, tricks, and licks that are clearly shown, done fast and slow, and repeated so you can get them.

The video is organized into these sections: intro to guitars, amps, and effects, tuning, warm-ups, intro to scales, chords, combining major and minor scales, licks and tricks, toys (accessories), versatility, and resources for guitarists. There are segments throughout of Roger using the techniques in performance situations.

This is a fun video that will inspire players of all levels to expand their skills and a tool that will provide help from the first stages of learning to play to becoming a fiery fingered guitar hero! 
(VHS, NTSC, 2000, 1hr & 48min)