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Mountain of Light
Code: MOLDVD (DVD version), MOLVHS (VHS version)
Price: $20.00 ($10 for VHS)
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

"Mountain of Light" is the first of several movies made in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea. It documents the early days of the Sepic Iwam Bible translation project. It tells the story of a people group overshadowed by generations of fear of evil spirits is attracted to the light of God's Word. One shocking sequence documents the cultural practice of regarding a coma as tantamount to death resulting in a woman being buried alive. The DVD version also contains over 400 still images of Hauna Village life, Marilyn Laszlo speaking and in other situations, and more from Papua New Guinea. The stills are viewable as slide shows on a DVD player and are also included as .jpg image files accessible using a computer DVD drive. Permission is given for ministry or other non-commercial use. Stills are NOT on the VHS version.
(NTSC, 1975, 42:36)

The DVD version is now available. We also still have a good supply of these on VHS for $10.