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Return to Hauna

Price: $20.00
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"Return to Hauna," features Wycliffe Bible translator Marilyn Laszlo. It has won a 1999 Angel Award from Excellence in Media and two Awards of Excellence from The Videographer Awards in the religious documentary and the videography categories. It also won the '99 Crown Award for "best picture under $100,000.00"

In the video, Marilyn, a master storyteller, shares many fascinating and entertaining glimpses of the 23-year process of translating the New Testament into the Sepic Iwam language of Papua New Guinea. She walks around Hauna Village sharing about what happened on the very spots where the events occurred. She ends with an inspiring and encouraging challenge to reach the world.

This video has a broad appeal and is suitable for use by members of other agencies, for a general missions emphasis in churches, or just to share with your family and friends. "Return to Hauna" is a follow-up project to another film done in Hauna Village in 1981, "Come By Here," also an Angel Award winner available in this on-line store.
(DVD, 1998, 30:27)

Note: This video is now available only on DVD. The DVD contains both the original 30 minute version and the 48 minute "special edition" version.

The special edition of "Return to Hauna" contains everything that is in the original 30 min. version and adds 18 minutes of material. There are additional details and pictures in several of the original stories as well as several additional stories.  See the above description of the regular version of "Return to Hauna" for more info.
(1998, NTSC, 48:18)

Other extras on the "Return to Hauna" DVD:

"Making Of" Slide Show
Filmmaker's Audio Commentary
Leap of Faith: Marilyn Skydives
Marilyn Get's Doctorate

PNG Aviation Footage
Dan and CIU Students