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Update, 1/99: Alas, as much as I obviously was impressed by Emblaze, a recent experience with Internet Explorer 4.0 made me aware of how Java implementation can be tricky and cause some to not be able to view stuff. Also, I never seem to be able to part with the $ necessary to buy Emblaze while RealMedia has a quite capable free version of their encoder. Real seems to have a huge chunk of the market. I'm going to go with the flow and use it. I think Emblaze is the better idea, but I fear it may never catch on.

Emblaze video streaming for the www

Emblaze from a company called GEO in Israel (with sales and service organization based in California) is a web video streaming solution based on Java. It does not need a downloaded player on the users end and it also needs no special server software. (This in contrast to RealMedia's RealPlayer and Microsoft's Media Player). It is also scalable - optimizes the video for deliver to 28.8, 56, T-1, T-3, etc. All the user has to do is to click on it - no need to download and install anything. The first time an Emblaze video is accessed, a Java applet is sent to the user's browser first which transparently loads itself into the browser and is registered as a Java applet. One thing I haven't been able to find is what the approx. file size is per minute. There are a number of samples on the website. Seems to take about 20 sec. for any to start playing.

Aug 10, '98 TV Technology had an article about Emblaze

Seems it's available at the major chains - CompUSA, Best Buy, etc. List price is $295. Seems a nice solution to get video on a website.


Their website is

Here is more about emblaze I found on a site selling it. ( There are two versions, this is about 1.0PC priced at $84.95 at this particular web sales site: (seems this cheaper version may not support synchronized audio)

Add video to your website with Emblaze Video! Up to 15 frames per second without plug-ins, caching, or downloading.

Your end user can now enjoy your multimedia website without even downloading large plug-ins, or waiting for the computer to cache and download the files. This program sends a stream of information to the remote user, so that they don't need to download the video file, or go searching for a plug-in. The Emblaze Player is a Java Applet that works with Internet Explorer 3.0 and above and with Navigator 3.0 and above. It converts AVI, WAV, QuickTime, SND and AIFF files into a special Emblaze compression so that video and sound can be transmitted over modem. Viewers using a standard 28.8 modem can view smooth motion with video rates of 12-15 frames per second. Emblaze Video is scalable, compressing video for any bandwidth, which enables web designers to take advantage of larger piplines as they become availalbe. In addition, Emblaze Video supports playback in multiple video size areas, including 128x96, 176x44, 240x176 pixels. Eash of these areas can also be expanded to double their original size - up to 480x342 pixels. It operates with both Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or newer) and Intenet Explorer 3.0 (or newer).

Below is about Video Pro advertised for $229.95

Stop dreaming and start streaming! Now you can add streaming video to your Web site, without the need for plug-ins or special server software. Never before has it been easier for you to broadcast or for your audience to watch.

Emblaze VideoPro, a powerful new tool for creating high-quality, streaming Web video enables professional Web developers to easily add video with synchronized audio to their Web sites. Emblaze VideoPro's breakthrough compression and audio sync technology give you the best playback quality (12-15 fps), even at 28.8 fps. You can reach up to 30 fps at Intranet speeds. This software offers tools for compression and optimization including: scalable architecture movie buffer controls; scalable frame rate; file-size estimation; batch processing; and predefined settings. Emblaze VideoPro has built-in tools that would only normally be found in professional editing programs, enabling you to normalize audio track, movie frame size and mute audio track. It gives your site visitor complete control over playback, replay and frame-by-frame viewing through features like 'Autostart' vs. 'Wait for Click' Playback; Pop-up Windows; and play, pause, rewind and slider functions. VideoPro creates all your html code and offers the opportunity to view a preview in your browser (after compression).

It is compatible with all Web-publishing programs, including Adobe PageMill, Microsoft Front Page and others. Video Pro will support most popular video formats, with no file size restrictions. It is also available in both platforms; you simply convert it once and play it anywhere. Emblaze Video Pro supports all popular browsers including Netscape Navigator 3.0 or newer and Internet Explorer 3.0 or newer.