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I looked at several different email clients when I recently bailed out of Compuserve. I got the free download of Outlook 98 and so far I like it a LOT. But, hey, I was using Compuserve 3.0 before, so it's like stepping out of the dark ages. Configuring folders to sort incoming mail is easy as... pie! I have several alias address set up w/my ISP on my mailbox so ea. member of the family has theri own folder whose title bolds when there's an unread message and it shows the no. of messages. Also, you can set up various user accounts. I have everybody set up with their own so their mail shows "from" their own address. That way any replys come back properly addressed and end up in the proper folders. This is a slick way for a bunch of people to use one mailbox if your ISP will let you use various alias addresses. (I set up a domain - this may be necessary to get this kind of feature out of your ISP) Don't know about any size limitation, but you can archive manually, not just auto mode. It makes suggestions when it's a good time to do it.

Using Outlook 98 and IE4.0 it's really nice to be able to jump back and forth between email and the browser. If somebody sends me a URL I just double click on it in the message and I'm on my way there. Don't know if others work this way, but I sure do like it.

Related question: I upgraded to IE 4.0 browser when I ran into something 3.0 wouldn't read. Yes, the active desktop is a mess, but you can turn it off. But it also takes over win explorer (file manager) and slows it way down on my P-133 office machine w/32MB ram. Seems it hits the virtual mem constantly now whereas before it never did. I'm going to put some more ram in it and see if this helps. Anybody else have this happen?