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CrownThumb.JPG (10177 bytes) The Philgreen family at the ICVM Crown Awards where "Return to Hauna" won the 1999 Crown Award for "Best Picture under $100,000.00 Budget." 

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Angel1.jpg (9101 bytes) Dan and Esther Philgreen with Marilyn Laszlo at the Angel Awards in Hollywood
Angel2.jpg (7907 bytes) Dan with "Return to Hauna" executive producer, Claude Bowen (center) and lifetime achievement winner Gerald McRaney (left) of "Promised Land."
Dan's old camera collection. Started when I was a kid. Got some treasures from some elderly ladies whose lawn I mowed when I was in Jr. High. Many of these have stories behind them. Got some cool ones from Russia.
This is a really interesting piece. Bought it a Ismylova Park in Moscow. Saw one similar on an earlier trip but didn't buy for the love of my wife. (That's another story - see the journal)
I was attracted by the beautiful brass and the mahogany veneer trim. But the really fascinating thing is the top plate. There is a winged swastika inscribed. Could this have belonged to some Nazi officer during WWII? Turns out, the answer is "no." There are a lot of fake Leicas being sold in Russia. I have determined that this is a fake. It lacks a certain number that all Luftwaffe Leicas had and no Luftwaffe Leicas were ever made with bare brass finish. 
Though definitely a fake, this is a really nice fake. The mahogany trim is unusual. I have studied several books on collectable Leicas to determine the lack of authenticity. It's probably best it's not a real one or it would be worth so much I'd almost certainly have to sell it.
On the back is the inscription "Luftwaffen Eigentum" (Property of the Luftwaffe.) Kinda too bad it's not the real deal.  In any case the camera is certainly a beautiful and interesting conversation piece.

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