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Me, Esther, and our "new" '85 Honda 500 Shadow with Chris and Melissa Ludwig and their significantly newer and pricier Harley "Bad Boy." The Honda is the result of Esther deciding she wants to do some riding with me - all her idea. Am I a lucky guy or what?
One of my photography students took this shot of me. I normally wear a helmet at all times. I was just riding around the parking lot so he could experiment with some motion shots.
Big boy's toy.
When my kids were little they had those Big Wheel trikes. I always wished they'd had them when I was a kid. Well, this pretty much makes up for it!
Killer Color Tour
The river flowing at the base of Chimney Rock in North Carolina.
This was on a great day, Nov. 9, 2002. Pal Rod Lewis and I rode a bit over 350 miles from Columbia, SC to Spartanburg and up through Chimney Rock and Bat Cave and up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then down through Rosman and Greenville and back to Columbia. What a day!
Rod did the navigating and I made the pictures. Camera was sitting on a mailbox for this one.
Twins separated at birth. Our bikes are both '85 Honda Shadow 500's. Mine lived much of it's life in the west. Rod's lived in the east. When Rod decided to get a bike, he happened to find one just like mine.
Shooting while riding was an interesting experiment, but a bit dicey. I don't recommend it. However, I did get an idea for a cool helmet cam mount system. Hmmm....
Up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The stretch through North Carolina has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of roadway in the USA.
Rod cranks and banks through the Pisgah National Forest.
Hard to beat mountain roads.
There are about 10 tunnels along the stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway we rode.
We went up above 5,000 ft. and back down during the day. Some areas were well past the color peak, some not there yet. And then we'd come around a bend and be in height of it. A few times the sun was back-lighting the trees and it took our breath away. There aren't too many days in life when so much comes together like this one. What a day!