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I switched from using the backup utility that comes with NT to NovaBack by NovaStor Corp. (

Gained these benefits:

File listings/backup set catalogues are kept on a hard drive instead of haveing to get them off the tape. Saves a TREMENDOUS amount of time when restoring a file or a job. Saves great aggravation.

Totalizes sizes of files selected for backup or restore, thus allowing you to determine easily if the selected files will fit on the available space on the targeted tape or drive.

My Exabyte Mammoth, advertised as being capable of 3MB/sec transfer rate would only go 2MB/sec, and only occassionally 2.5MB/sec using NT backup. Using NovaBack it reads and writes consistently at 3MB/sec.

Price is very reasonable. $100 for basic. Addtl. $40 or so ea. for an encryption module and virus check module that works with the backup software. They had a special going on when I bought - $50 for backup and $60 for suite of all the above.

30 day limited life full functional demo available on their web site.