Ty Tabor Signature Yamaha RGX-TT

Too bad a goatee and an identical guitar can't make me play like Ty. But this guitar will definitely take you on a trip into the tone zone. It's really something.

Mars Music had an amazing deal on these when they were closing them out.  $400 for a guitar that listed for $1600. The pickups and bridge if purchased separately would cost more than I paid for the whole instrument.

The Ty Tabor Yamaha has two Seymour Duncan vintage rails pickups in the neck and middle positions and a Seymour Duncan JB (Jeff Beck) pickup at the bridge. It has a Wilkinson tremolo. There is a 5-way switch and single volume and tone knobs. The volume knob has a modified exponential pot to facilitate violin-type swell effects using your pinky.  Also, there is a button near the tone knob that splits the JB pickup's two coils and makes it a single coil when desired. There are some other nice features: the raised figured maple section down the middle, tapered wings (top upper and lower bout and bottom upper and lower bout taper from the raised maple center section to outer edges). The truss rod adjuster is on the side of the base of the neck. There is a 90 degree gear set up so truss rod can be adjusted without removing the strings. Fret markers are on the upper edge of the neck for better visibility. There is a unique cord jack arrangement. And there is a set of Sperzel locking tuners. All in all a high class axe.