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Thanks to Brian T. O'Neill of the Pigsfly Speed Razor list for the following:

Speed Razor (matrox Digisuite) Advantages:

Less Expensive

Uncompressed quality

Dual-stream, many real time effects.

More stable operating system (Debatable)

Multiple processor support built int operating system

100 Mhz system bus

Dealers like Alexei Gerulaitis

You can buy about 3-4 Digisuite systems for the price of one Avid


Mac Advantages (Media 100)

More widespread use

Editors easier to find

Rock solid Batch capture

Multiple Bin support

System is easier to work on (No IRQ's)

More Clients have heard of it

Mac Advantages (Avid Media Composer)

Most clients have heard of it

Many Clients ask for it by name

You don't need as much hard drive space. (Their best qulity isn't so


You have the privelige of spending several thousand dollaras a year

for tech support


From Steven Fuiten, also on Pigsfly:

You have some great answers already.

I'd just like to point out that with an

avid or media100, You are tied into one product line.

You have to buy their product line from A to Z.

SR works with alot of different board sets. Pick the one you want.

And, all these board sets work with other editors.

So, In the future, you can go the way you choose.

If you buy the Digisuite and you like edit* better, vote with your


If you want a different board set and keep SR, it's your choice.