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I'm using two 23 elites striped w/my full DigiSuite. They can't do full lossless D1 (which your LE won't do anyway), but I run most things at 5mb/sec and they do splendidly. Haven't had one hiccup with the drives. I think you will like the set up very much. BTW, I think my DigiSuite puts out visibly better pictures than my PVR did.

> Is 5mb/sec about the max for a sustained rate from the 2 Elites?

No. My pair test out at about 18mb/sec. I'm told the point of diminishing returns is 4 or 5 of these drives striped and the max is something like 24mb/sec. In any case, short of the min. 30mb/sec necessary for 2 streams of uncompressed on full DigiSuite. BTW, of course you (and I) need at least 10mb/sec for 2 streams of Betacam-SP quality (5mb/sec rate, though some seem to like to go to about 7mb/sec for Betacam)

> One other question. Is SR more stable overall with DS than with PVR?

Having owned both, I would say yes. Partly because I think 4.0RT seems more stable than 3.5. (I haven't used 4.0s) Probably more so because the Matrox driver is, in my experience, VERY much more stable than DPS. I used to get "allocation errors" constantly with the PVR. As I understand it, Matrox is something like at least 10 times as big as DPS (and hundreds of times bigger than In:Sync). They can throw more manpower at squashing bugs when necessary. May have something to do with it.


10/30/98 update

Seagate 23 gig Elite drives have been discontinued. They are still available as of today by many suppliers and the price is quite attractive. I saw them today at for as low as $1049.00.  50 gig Baracudas are on the way now, but they will cost about $2800 it seems. I'd take two 23 gigs and pocket the difference, I think.