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This is meant to be a resource of information for people doing video for missions. This is mostly information generated or processed one way or another by Dan Philgreen. Some of this was originally posted as messages to various forums and user groups, so that may explain some wording if it seems strange. I'll try to keep this up to date, but some info may get obsolete and not get cleaned out right away. For this reason I will try to date these entries. Many more resources are available at the many links listed on the links page of this website and through various users forums that you can read about here. The pages below are on this site and each has a link back to this page of listings.

Sources of Further Info
Forums, users groups, and e-mail lists updated 10/30/98


My VX-1000 purchase (+ accessories)  7/97
Steadicam JR talk   8/98
Steadicam JR tips  10/30/98
Cold Weather Ops   1/3/99
"Return to Hauna" behind the scenes posted 1/99
VX-1000 head cleaning procedure 1/25/99
lens cleaning 4/26/99

Lightkits  posted here 8/98
lighting tips posted here 1/25/99

4 hand-held dynamic mics compared  posted here 8/98
headphones posted here 8/98
Sony VX-1000 audio problem  posted here 8/98
audio tips 1/25/99
Mackie Book 1/28/99

About the counters and shelves at DPP  8/98
Avid AVRs compared to DigiSuite data rates 9/98
TAO L-port, recapture  8/98
Waveform monitors and Vectorscopes posted here 10/30/98
wiring scheme used at DP Productions  posted here 8/98
S video to Firewire adapter 1/99

Seagate Elite 23gig drives  posted here 8/98
Zip drive 8/98

Boris FX  posted here 8/98

35gig backup drive  posted here 8/98
Exabyte Mamoth backup drive posted here 8/98
NovaBack by NovaStor Corp.  posted 12/98

disk space utility  posted here 8/98
Labels Unlimited  8/98
Macro utilities   9/98
MediaRaze utilty for Speed Razor  posted here 10/30/98
MS Power Toys    9/98
Smartwheel utility for Intellimouse  posted here 8/98
Thoughts on using Adobe Premiere on multiple machines at a film school  posted here 8/98
Visual clip logs for Speed Razor  8/98

World Voltage & Plug Chart 3/2000
World TV standards 4/2000
trip preparation and personal checklist 1/25/99
Computervice website info   9/98
Emblaze video streaming for the www  9/98
Outlook 98  posted here 8/98
Speed Razor auto save filename  posted here 8/98
VHS duplication  8/98
Satellite Pictures 1/99 see your house from space!
Course outline for video training 6/21/99 If you can explain everything listed, then you can probably make a pretty nice video!

Waxing Philosophical
Avid Media Composer vs. Speed Razor musings   8/98
when your efforts make you think, why even try?  posted here 8/98
Speed Razor/Digisuite compared to M-100 and Avid   10/30/98

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