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Here's a sledge hammer approach I have used for this:

Grab a screen shot of the BCL (using Alt/Prt Screen to grab contents of current window)(may take several if you have to scroll through it) Paste these to a graphic program where you can change the color palette or crank the contrast up (the two-tone orange isns't readable when you print it). Name it something meaningful and no. the files sequentially to represent "pages" of the BCL.

This is also a handy way of keeping a visual log of the clips in your project. Use screen shot captures to make graphics files of your library. Set view to not show the audio icons and set it to read file names under the picons.Before grabbing, size the library window to show an aspect ratio and no. of picons that look good on your printer if you want to print them. Or do like I do and just fill up both monitors. Save these graphics files in the project folder so they get backed up with your clips and project files. Or, build an archive on a hard drive if you have the space that shows every clip you have saved on backup tapes or wherever. Then by perusing these graphics files (on any computer - no need for Razor to be running or have any special hardware) you can visually find clips and you'll have the file name for what you're looking for.

Like I said, it's kind of a sledge hammer approach - none too elegant, but hey, it gives you a feature we don't have available any other way I can think of.