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This non-linear system integrator based in Santa Monica, CA is the company of a fellow named Alexi who is a frequent and very knowledgable contributor to the Speed Razor Pigsfly mail list. One of the best informed Speed Razor system guys I know of. His website is very interesting and informative, especially the "news" section. It sheds light on many confusing details of the rapidly developing technology that we depend on to do video on a desktop. Well worth the study if you want to understand these things.


(I'm not sure if his company name refers to advice or adiction!)

update, 4/4/04:

This company is now known as "DV411" although they still use the computervise name as well. I bought two systems from them for the school. Unfortunately we bought just before a significant change in the relationship between two of the suppliers of components of our systems. The experience wasn't altogether pleasent, although I don't believe DV411 was at fault.