Now in Fort Myers, Florida. 10/11/07
Wow. No news for two years. That's pretty bad. Actually, the last two years have had a lot of "pretty bad" in them, unfortunately. This is not the forum where I want to go into personal troubles, but suffice to say I've had some. Life can throw you a curve sometimes. I've learned a lot from it all. But to the point: After spending a year doing freelance corporate camera work in Orlando, I am now living in Fort Myers working on a daily TV show that is distributed via closed circuit to the approximately two thousand residents of Shell Point Retirement Community, a decidedly up-scale place in a fabulous environment. It's good work with enough challenge to keep it very interesting but not as crazy as much of what I've done in my life. I usually can actually go home at the end of the day like most normal people. So God has been good to take care of me and provide this opportunity.

All three Hauna films now available on DVD 10/25/05
Obviously I haven't been doing much with this site lately. The mailing address has even been wrong for a while. We are in temporary housing in an apartment at the moment.

"Return to Hauna" and "Come By Here" have been available on DVD for some time now. "Mountain of Light" went off for DVD duplication a few weeks ago. I don't have a stock of them on hand quite yet, but should soon. They will show up in the "Mountain of Light" product listing as "MOLDVD" as soon as I have some.

I have no more VHS copies of "Return to Hauna" or "Come By Here" but I do have quite a few of "Mountain of Light." Marilyn may have a few copies of the others on VHS if you really want it on that format. I will check with her if you email me.

The DVD versions of these films include quite a bit of extra material not on the VHS tapes. The extras are listed in the product pages on this site. There are commentary tracks, extra videos from Marilyn Laszlo, Hauna, and Papua New Guinea. "Mountain of Light" includes hundreds of still pictures, old and new, viewable as slide shows as part of the DVD programming and also available as .jpg files accessible by computer DVD drive.

Marilyn Laszlo Films to be released on DVD 4/5/2004
The "Return to Huana" DVD project is almost finished. "Come By Here" and "Mountain of Light" are also in process. All of these will include extra content and features not previously available on the VHS versions. Release of the DVD's is planned for summer, 2004.

Site on new server 4/5/2004
This site has been moved to a new server. There may be a few glitches until I get everything retweaked. It should be much faster now. We were on a server in Hong Kong. It was cheap, but the distance slowed things down a bit.

Where have I been? 4/5/2004
I haven't had much time to devote to the site lately. You can see that there haven't been any news updates for over three years! I've been busy teaching at CIU (see below). It's been a great experience. During Christmas and summer breaks and during other shoehorned in times I've still been doing production work. Nathan Clinebelle, one of my students, went with me to Venezuela to document the dedication of a New Testament translation for the Panare tribe. Another student, Keith Hammack, went with me to Cancun to help shoot a convention video for my pal John Haslam who owns Skystorm Productions in Sanford, Florida. I've done a half dozen or so shoots with John over the last several years. I've also been climbing quite a learning curve with software I am now teaching that I had very little experience with previously. I'm now into Adobe After Effects and Photoshop in a big way and most recently have taken the plunge into DVD authoring.

Peru: "Making Disciples" 12/2000
I have finished an 18 minute video for Church Dynamics International (headquarters in Vista, CA). The first half of the program explains their discipleship training process and the materials they have developed and shows how all this works in the context of a US church. Then the last half shows how they have exported the whole thing to the upper Amazon region of Peru. The editing of this show was done last summer and during the first semester of my teaching. (which, by the way, went very well!)

We've moved. 7/2000
We have moved from Florida to Columbia, South Carolina. I am teaching in the communications program at Columbia International University. This has scaled back my production activities, however I still do projects in the summer and during the six week Christmas break.

My phone at the school is: 803-754-4100  x3161

Take a look at the school's web site:

And here is our Communication Program site:

Israel: "Walking in Their Sandals" 4/2000
Just returned from my second shoot in Israel. This time to gather video footage for a CD-Rom on Biblical geography. A test version is already available (w/still photos only) from Columbia International University. Ordering info and a limited web version is available at the website:

Peru  3/2000
In March I spent a week in Peru shooting a story about a discipleship ministry of Church Dynamics/International Church Missions. From Lima we went to Iquitos on the upper Amazon and to Cuzco, the gateway to Inca territory.

Guitar Page 2/8/2000
I've been wanting to add a guitar page to this site for some time. Finally got some stuff up now. Take a look: Guitars

Moving on to Columbia International University
As of July, 2000, we will be moving to Columbia, South Carolina to take a teaching position at Columbia International University (formerly known as Columbia Bible College). I will be joining the communications program teaching mainly video production. The video business will be scaled back, but with 6 weeks at Christmas time and all summer open, video projects will continue.  We will still use the name "DP Productions."

Guitar teaching video 1/20/2000
I recently made a guitar training tape with pal Roger Zimish. It's called "Guitar from A to Z." It covers a ton of stuff from beginer through advanced. It's almost two hours long.
                                          See photos (scroll to bottom)
Available now in the on-line store on this site. Go take a look at the description there:
                                          "Guitar from A to Z with Roger Zimish"

Youth For Christ, "A Step Ahead of Time" 1/20/2000
I recently finished a four part series on the history of Youth for Christ which chronicles the first 10 years from 1944 to 1953. It is a total of 1 hr., 45 min. long. It will soon be available from Youth for Christ in Denver and may be available here in our on-line store soon.
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Crown Awards 7/10/99
See a photo
Last night, Friday, July 9,  DP Productions Inc was presented the '99 Crown Award for "Best Picture Under $100,000.00"  at the International Christian Visual Media convention in Orlando. ICVM is an association of Christians involved in production and distribution of visual media around the world. Members were in attendance from all around the US, Canada, England, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, and other nations.       
(to purchase "Return to Hauna")

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Current Project 7/10/99
is a pretty big one: four 1/2 hr. segments comprising a historical series on the early years of Youth for Christ. It is now at rough cut stage with considerable work remaining to be done. I am also working on a piece for the Campus Crusade staff training conference in Colorado about Steve Sawyer, a college student who contracted aids as a result of a tainted blood transfusion. I'll also be doing a conference highlights video for the Colorado event.

'99 Videographer Awards
"Return to Hauna" won the Award of Excellence for both Religious Documentary and for Videography in the 1999 Videographer Awards. "Cambodia: From Death to Life" also won an Award of Distinction for Religious Documentary. "Something's Happening Y2K," a promo for a Student Venture event, won an Honorable Mention for editing.

'99 Angel Award for "Return to Hauna" 3/1/99
"Return to Hauna" with Marilyn Laszlo, a video shot in Papua New Guinea, has won an Angel award from Excellence in Media. Executive Producer, Claude Bowen, and Producer/Cameraman/Editor, Dan Philgreen, accepted the award in Hollywood on Feb. 25th. Among others receiving Angels at the ceremony were Roma Downey, "Angel of a Lifetime," Gerald McRaney, "Lifetime Achievement," and Craig T. Nelson, "Lifetime Achievement." Production awards included "The Prince of Egypt," "Promised Land," "Touched By An Angel," and the best foreign movie, "Life is Beautiful." The event was emceed by Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows.

See some pictures from the Angel Awards 
Pix See some stills from the shooting of "Return to Hauna" and other videos

Women of Faith  2/11/99
We are getting great feedback from the completed  Women of Faith conference opener video which showed first at the Washington DC event. There are 25 conferences scheduled for '99 each at a major metro arena venue.

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